2023 Combustion Early Career Investigator Workshop

A 1.5-day workshop for early career faculty and researchers in combustion and reaction sciences will be held 18–19 March 2023 in College Station, Texas, immediately prior to the 13th US National Combustion Meeting.

This workshop will bring together junior faculty doing research in combustion, fire, and related fields, to discuss cultural issues facing the community. Anyone interested in participating needs to apply; see Registration for details.

All participants in the workshop are expected to comply with its Code of Conduct, both during the workshop and in any communications associated with it before, during, or after the event itself.


This workshop follows from the 2017 NSF-funded workshop titled “Sustaining the combustion research community: ensuring the field doesn’t burn out” (Grant No. 1733968), held in April 2017 ahead of the U.S. National Meeting in College Park MD, as well as the 2019 NSF-funded workshop titled “Support for Workshop and Mentoring of Junior Researchers at the U.S. National Combustion Meeting” (Grant No. 1901570), held in March 2019 ahead of the U.S. National Meeting in Pasadena, CA. The goals of these workshops included learning about and discussing future challenges in the field of combustion from the perspectives of early career researchers. Several topics were discussed, including topics related to the culture of the combustion community (attracting and retaining a diverse community, public engagement, hostile/confrontational climate, improving educational outcomes), early-career involvement within the Combustion Institute, and topics related to research (open publishing, multi-disciplinary collaboration, balancing fundamental and applied research). Each of these topic areas produced a series of action times, many of which have been implemented since the workshop.

The workshops resulted in several significant impacts on early-career researchers, including:

Additionally, the workshop created a close-knit community of early-career combustion researchers who have kept in touch since the event. Several scientific collaborations and friendships were forged at this meeting, which will undoubtedly enhance the quality of the field going forward.

Given the significant positive impacts of the first and second workshops, we want to continue to build momentum and sustain a recurring workshop, tied with the biennial U.S. National Meeting, to continue to support early-career researchers and academics in the U.S. While progress has been made since the previous workshops, and momentum was picking up, the community has suffered several challenges in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are still a number of areas where the community can continue to improve.


We thank the National Science Foundation for supporting this workshop under grant CBET-2309905.

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